July 28, 2006


The enemy is me

I'm ashamed to admit that, for one day, I briefly became a spammer. It seemed innocent enough, to send a message only to university faculty in the computer science & electrical engineering departments about my motor controller. Since by far universities have been the main customer, I thought there would be a match there. And there was, I got several positive responses, but a few really, really negative responses. I had no idea how passionate some people are against spam, and how much energy they must spend on a crusade against it. But I do know I'll never do it again - it's not worth the risk of pissing off the community you're trying to partner with.

It seems like such a shame to have a great, incredibly efficient, free technology like e-mail, and be unable to use it because of the horrendous abuse that's occured. One response threatened that I would never do business at that university. I couldn't help but wonder, how will he communicate that messsage to the entire faculty, what would be the most efficient way to tell his colleagues NOT to do business with me? An unsolicited email, perhaps?

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