October 28, 2004


More music matters

I have recently been playing music on the PC in the basement, and listening to it on the living room/kitchen speakers. This is great, but I can't control the volume, skip songs, etc. very easily. What's a lazy geek to do? I hatched a plan that involves Audrey, everyone's favorite, but extinct, internet appliance, originally made by 3Com. They are now only available on E-bay and some reseller websites. She was a true pioneer 3 years ago, but perhaps ahead of her time. It's a simple little web-enabled tablet that can sit in the kitchen and receive e-mail, show web pages, etc. It has a stylus instead of a mouse, and the stylus lights up when you have an e-mail. My idea is to use it to control my basement music server. So if the phone rings while I'm getting my jam on, I can turn to the Audrey and hit Pause. I can also remove the current song from the playlist, for those times when you think, I gotta drop this one, I'm sick of it!

So, having just won the bid for an Audrey on E-bay, I went about learning how to control my music remotely. I found a great web interface for Winamp called WAWI, and I tried it out. It works great. In the process of this research, I also learned more about Shoutcast, and found it's easy to start broadcasting music to the internet, for anyone to listen to. So here I am at work, listening to my music from my basement via shoutcast, and, using WAWI, I can log in to my basement from anywhere, and stop/start, change playlists, even upload/download songs. Very cool!

If you want to tune in to Randy Radio, simply download and install Winamp (Windows), XMMS (Linux), or Audion (Mac), and go to the shoutcast website. Search for Randy Radio. Or just click here:

Randy Radio

Right now, it's an eclectic mix of classic rock, current stuff, blues, and folk-rock. You just never know.

Well, gotta run. Have fun listening!

Posted by randy at 02:21 PM