January 14, 2004



I can't believe I made the top of the google list. If you type in PID Motor Controller into Google (this is the type of motor controller I developed), the first thing on the list, at least today, is an article I wrote almost two years ago on the development of this board. It has my e-mail address on it, and this is why I've been getting a regular stream of e-mails about it. This is great publicity, even if most of the e-mails are of the form "Hi, my senior project in control systems is due tomorrow, can I see your source code?"

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January 13, 2004


First order

I got my first order (or at least a firm commitment) today, for 10 Gamoto boards! It's from a computer science professor who is teaching a course on mobile robotics, and he will use them in his course. Is this cool or what? Can't wait till I actually get them in my hands so I can deliver them.

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Cricket noises

I spent the past weekend making a Cricket Logo library and test program for the Gamoto. It's interesting how every little task like this allows me to look at the product from a completely different angle, and I discover things that I never would have seen otherwise. I'm hoping that the Cricket libraries and a description of the board will be posted on the Handycricket website, once I have them ready for sale.

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New partner

I'm jazzed because I've been talking to Scott Savage, who makes the OOPIC controllers, about making a custom Gamoto Object for the OOPICs. If this actually happens, it means anyone who buys or has an OOPIC (the number one hobby robotic controller, I would guess), will have an easy 'plug-n-play' way to control their Gamoto motors. It will be mentioned in the on-line manual and language documention, with examples.

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Flurry of activity

OK, so I thought I could rest a little after placing the order for the boards, but what it really did was set a countdown to 'product launch' that is quite demanding. All the little things that have to get done before launching - final qual tests of the firmware, getting advertisements and other partners lined up, getting the merchant account, website, shipping, and on-line commerce stuff worked out and debugged, finalizing the documentation, etc. on and on. But it's fun work, and Sue and I are having a good time with this new adventure.

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