March 28, 2003


War Woes

I can't believe we are actually at war, that it has gone this far. It's as if we as a nation are trying to call 911, and GW bush is the 911 operator, and for some inexplicable reason he's not picking up the phone. Does he know it's ringing and doesn't want to pick it up, or is he really that stupid that he doesn't even realize we are calling for help? I think we will be looking back on this moment, and everyone will agree that huge mistakes were made, but right now nobody in power seems to see it.

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you are semi-concious, but your muscles are asleep, so you can't move, you can't talk, and you are desparately trying to run away from something? That's how I feel about this war. Nobody is listening to us.

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March 27, 2003


First things First

Well hello, this is my first blog entry. I've decided to join the masses and start my own blog. My wife and I made a web log while we were living in Italy for a year, but it was not called blogging. Back then it was called "editing our website every day," with new entries on the "What's New" page. We tried to write regularly, at least a couple times a week, to keep our friends and family up to date. That was in August 2000 to August 2001. Now we're living near Boston, and my wife is working on writing a book based on our year in Sicily.

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