July 15, 2008


Cool Tools 2

More cool tools to share:

This is a great, no-nonsense de-crapifier for Windows. I highly recommend it for cleaning out not only temp files and the recycle bin, but loads of other stuff lurking on your hard disc. It also has a nice registry cleaner that has worked very well.

By the same company as CCleaner, this is an excellent disk defragger. Both tools have very simple, clean interfaces and perform extremely well.

I may have mentioned this one before, but they've recently added FTP to their list of protocols (SFTP and SCP). An excellent tool just made even more flexible (although you should stick to the secure protocols if you can). It's synchronize feature is very handy, to sync two remote directories. You can run it from the command line or batch file as well.

MagicIso and MagicDisc are both very handy - for burning a disc from an ISO, and for virtually mounting an ISO image.

That's all for now!

Posted by randy at July 15, 2008 07:00 PM